Fisheries and Fish Passage

We utilize our expertise in aquatic science and engineering disciplines to investigate and solve fish movement and passage issues. Our primary fisheries management services include fish community and spawning surveys, habitat assessments, instream flow studies, and fish entrainment studies.

Our staff have worked on numerous projects for the evaluation and assessment of fisheries, working with our clients at design, permitting and construction phases for numerous fish passage facilities and fish passage structures. Our fisheries management and engineering services assist with the development of technical upstream fishways, downstream passage structures, and nature-like fishways.

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Fish Community and Spawning Surveys

Gomez and Sullivan designs and conducts rigorous fish spawning surveys and fish community assessments.

Aquatic Habitat Assessments

Our team are equipped and experienced to carry out habitat assessments to identify fishery-related issues.

Instream Flow Studies

We conduct instream flow studies to help clients mitigate instream flow fluctuations.

Fish Passage Feasibility Studies and Design

We design and construct fish passage culverts and structures, working with water resources and energy companies to improve fisheries habitats.

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