Engineering & Hydropower Engineering

Our hydropower engineering services center on the design of dams, hydroelectric power engineering developments, stream restoration projects, habitat improvements, fish passage structures, and recreational facilities.

Our staff have considerable civil/site engineering experience to support these projects, including site design (e.g., grading, utilities, roadways/parking, stormwater management, water handling, erosion and sediment control), construction sequencing, permitting, and bidding and construction phase services. We also evaluate water conveyance, energy production, hydromechanical machinery, and electrical distribution.

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Dam Design & Rehabilitation 

Our Engineering solutions include the design and rehabilitation of dams and structures built to store and regulate water for hydropower generation, flood control & water supply sustainability. We create detailed and innovative designs for dams and spillways, also completely rehabilitating existing dams using cost-effective repair methods

Hydraulic Structure Design

We provide engineering services for the design and construction of hydraulic structures. Our water resource engineering expertise supports our clients in constructing flow diversion, flow control and water level control structures that achieve the goals of the project and meets the needs of the surrounding environment.

Hydropower Design

Gomez and Sullivan hydropower design and engineering services assist businesses in the renewable energy industry. Our service has been instrumental in developing valuable hydroelectric structures and facilities that provide reliable and cleaner energy service to end users.

Hydropower Feasibility Studies

Our team conducts hydropower feasibility studies for hydropower projects. Our services include surveys and resource analysis of sites, system modelling, performance approximations and more.

Hydropower Due Diligence Studies

Our flexible hydropower due diligence service is utilized by the various stakeholders involved in a project. Our comprehensive report provides reliable information needed to identify, manage risk and assure project potential and viability. compliance.

Economic Assessments

We provide a detailed cost analysis of hydropower engineering and construction projects, outlining factors affecting cost and providing recommendations for cost efficiency.

Related Services

Habitat Improvements

We help our clients create productive environments for native plants, fish and wildlife.

Recreation Facilities

Services for the safe and environmentally compliant construction of water recreation facilities.

Stormwater Management

The design and construction of stormwater structures.


Project planning, management and permit acquisition services.

Bid & Construction Phase Services

Construction bidding process consultation services.