Meet the Gomez and Sullivan Board of Directors

Utica, NY – Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, D.P.C. is proud to announce its recently elected Board of Directors. Gomez and Sullivan’s seven-member board includes Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board Tom Sullivan, President/CEO Jerry Gomez, Vice President/Secretary Mark Wamser, Vice President/Director of Engineering Michele Stottler, Vice President/Treasurer Damian Gomez, Vice President/Director of Business Development Tim Sullivan, and Director of Licensing and Environmental Kirk Smith. The Board of Directors brings more than 200 years of combined experience specializing in hydropower licensing and compliance, dam safety, engineering, environmental studies, and related services. The Board reports to the Shareholders and works to uphold the vision and mission of Gomez and Sullivan Engineers. 

Jerry Gomez, President/CEO commented: “The Shareholders have elected a strong Board of Directors.  This Board’s passion for their work and commitment to Gomez and Sullivan has served both our clients and company well. The group blends a long history of successfully managing the firm, with the vision to successfully carry it forward. I am proud to serve the company with this Board and look forward to the positive impacts of the Board to help make Gomez and Sullivan even better.” 

We are extremely pleased to announce the results of our Board elections,” shared Tom Sullivan, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board. Our seven-member Board continues to work collaboratively to prepare the company for the wonderful opportunities that the future holds. We want to thank our Board Members for their selfless dedication and hard work on behalf of all the team members at Gomez and Sullivan.  

Meet the Gomez and Sullivan board

Tom Sullivan

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Mr. Sullivan is a founding Principal and Executive Vice President of Gomez and Sullivan and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He serves as the Principal-in-Charge of hydropower licensing, compliance, and development work for the company. He has been involved in licensing and compliance activities at hydroelectric projects for over 40 years. His technical background includes hydrology, hydraulics, and civil engineering. Mr. Sullivan was recognized as the recipient of the Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award, the hydropower industry’s most prestigious honor, by the National Hydropower Association in 2021.

Jerry Gomez, P.E.

Senior Civil Engineer

Mr. Gomez is a founding Principal, President, and CEO of Gomez and Sullivan. He serves as the Principal-in-Charge of dam safety and flood studies for the company. His professional career has focused on the design and analysis of dams, hydroelectric, and water resources projects since 1975. He has served as the lead engineer or project manager for the design of nine new dams and has conducted the investigation or rehabilitative design of more than 50 existing dams and hydropower plants. As a FERC-approved Independent Consultant, Mr. Gomez has completed over 75 FERC Part 12 Safety Inspections and facilitated the Potential Failure Mode Analysis of more than 50 dams. He has also served on Boards of Consultants for the peer review of dam safety hydrologic and hydraulic studies and geotechnical programs.

Michele Stottler, P.E.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Ms. Stottler is a Vice President and the Director of Engineering at Gomez and Sullivan and a senior water resources engineer with over 30 years of experience. She has managed licensing or compliance activities for more than 25 hydroelectric projects, during which she has been responsible for both engineering and environmental analyses. She has led the engineering design and permitting of wetland restoration, stream restoration, and recreation projects. Her technical expertise includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, complex water quality monitoring, instream flow investigations, and stormwater management. Ms. Stottler also has extensive local, state, and federal permitting experience.

Mark Wamser, P.E.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Mr. Wamser is a Vice President and the Secretary at Gomez and Sullivan and a senior water resources engineer with over 30 years of experience in hydropower licensing, feasibility, fish passage, and dam removal and stream restoration projects. His technical background includes hydrologic investigations, hydraulic modeling, reservoir operations modeling, energy analyses, instream flow studies, and water quality monitoring. He has served as Project Manager for numerous FERC hydroelectric relicensing projects, as well as dam removal, water budgeting, watershed planning, water quality, and basin-wide modeling projects.

Damian Gomez, P.E., CFM

Water Resources Engineer

Mr. Gomez is a Vice President and the Treasurer at Gomez and Sullivan. He is a water resources engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager with over 15 years of experience focused primarily on dam and public safety, hydrology, and hydraulics. His expertise includes complex hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, GIS model development, flood inundation mapping, and dam stability analyses. Mr. Gomez serves a FERC-approved Independent Consultant for Part 12 dam safety inspections and has performed dam breach analyses for Inflow Design Flood studies as well as Probable Maximum Precipitation and Probable Maximum Flood studies for dams.

Tim Sullivan

VP and Director of Business Development

Mr. Sullivan is a Vice President and a FERC licensing, compliance, and implementation manager with over 20 years of professional experience. He has served as Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager, and Technical Lead for a number of regulatory assignments associated with both traditional and pumped storage hydroelectric projects in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and southeast. His technical background focuses on physical and environmental sciences including hydrology and hydraulics, geomorphology, geology and soils, technical writing, and GIS.

Kirk Smith

Director of Licensing and Environmental

With over 25 years of experience in relicensing hydropower projects, Mr. Smith is the Director of Regulatory and Environmental Services at Gomez and Sullivan. He has been involved with numerous licensings of conventional and pumped storage projects, and is responsible for licensing strategy, issue identification, study scoping and execution, preparation of license applications, National Environmental Policy Act documents, Section 7-Endangered Species Act consultation, state water quality certifications, and stakeholder settlement negotiations. With a strong background in hydrology and aquatic science, he has also performed a wide variety of licensing studies including instream flow studies, headwater benefit studies, energy analyses, water quality monitoring, hydrologic studies, and recreation inventories.