Our Company Culture and Values

Gomez and Sullivan prides itself on the environment that has been created and maintained in our offices over the last 25+ years. Our company works hard to provide opportunities for growth, a cooperative working atmosphere, and a family forward mindset. It has often been said that our business is built on relationships—those we have with our clients and those we have with our staff members. It is the strength of these relationships that have enabled us to grow and expand. Through our experience as a company, we have identified four common threads that run through all our corporate relationships. These four common values are integrity, positive attitude, flexibility, and teamwork.


First and foremost, Gomez and Sullivan has always strived to do business with integrity. We want to represent our company and clients with a straightforward and honest approach. Our goal is to do our job to the best of our ability. Results are critical, but how we achieve those results is immensely important to us. We respect those who perform their work honestly, who have raised their own standards to a higher level, and who take ownership of their work. Work performed with integrity has lasting value and inspires the trust of coworkers, peers, and clients. Integrity is the cornerstone of a positive and successful team.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one of the defining traits of a Gomez and Sullivan staff member. Over the years, we have seen numerous staff members in assignments, and those who have been the most successful all share a determined, “can-do” attitude. Obstacles are merely challenges to overcome, and the ability to face these challenges professionally and with tenacity is key to Gomez and Sullivan’s endurance. Strong, capable attitudes can be credited with our endurance with our longest-standing clients. Positive Attitude, above all, has contributed to our success as a firm.


Our clients expect us to meet their needs on a number of levels, and the industry’s changing requirements demand that we remain flexible. We seek individuals to represent us who grant Gomez and Sullivan the flexibility we require to meet our client’s needs; conversely, our commitment to each staff member is to establish and articulate our expectations regarding the job and how those expectations may change over time. The more adaptable a staff member can be with Gomez and Sullivan in terms of where they are willing to work, what they are willing to do, and how they are willing to get the job done, the more marketable that individual is to clients. In turn, Gomez and Sullivan works hard to be flexible with the needs of our staff in schedule, professional development opportunities, and finding new areas of growth for each employee to explore.


Gomez and Sullivan, like any team, is made of individuals with a variety of talents and strengths. Our success and that of our clients is dependent on our ability to coordinate our efforts and utilize our resources in an effective manner. In short, this requires teamwork. As members of a team, each of our staff members has a responsibility to take direction, respect the diverse talents of other staff, and seek to continuously improve both their own performance and that of the company as a whole.

With all of these things in mind, it is our goal at Gomez and Sullivan to provide the following in our work environment for our employees:

  • Work provides a sense of meaningfulness
  • Employees have control over many aspects of their work
  • Tasks are varied, rather than repetitive
  • The company maintains clear and consistent rules for its workers
  • Employees have supportive relationships with their supervisors and co-workers
  • Employees receive useful feedback about their work so they know what they have accomplished and what they need to do to improve
  • The company offers opportunities for its employees for growth and development